PlayStation Now is the Gaikai-based stream service for PlayStation titles from Sony Computer Entertainment. The cloud-computed service allows players to …


  1. Seen as I upgraded my ps3 to a ps4 when the console came out. I'll be playing ps4 titles seen as my ps3 has just being gathering dust on my shelf with a hard drive full of games and a cabinet full. Why would I pay 15 quid to play them on my ps4. That's my opinion. Did anyone ask for this service just curious.

  2. Can someone explain to me the problem with Nintendo's virtual console? I love it. I get to keep games like Ninja Gaiden and Punch Out to play whenever I want. Certainly a hell of a lot better than paying a monthly subscription for them. And Xbox does the same thing. I saw doom 1 (it may have been 2, I don't remember) on the Xbox store. So, why did he bash out towards Nintendo and not Xbox?

  3. They raised the price of PS Now… I wanted PS Now to play one MP game on my PS4, God Of War Ascension MP. Wish they would make that game for PS4 already w/o subscription service of PS Now.

  4. i don't mind day one dlc as long as you can't get them in the game by just playing it which most of the time you can now if you have to buy it and you get the dlc for pre-order im more happy about it not being able to earn it and everybody can use it

  5. the service works great my connection don't even lag,but to get the game loaded first is the tricky part.You have to make sometimes 10 attempts to log in to a game.I thinks it's due to traffic,but ones you get in it plays great like if you have have disc or installed on the systems.They just have to work on the getting into the game first attempt.

  6. Playstation Now is not worth it!!! Why cant they be like Nintendo and let you keep the digital copy instead of streaming? Its trash and if your connection is not good, you'll have a problem and other people are playing these games too which makes the service much worse

  7. So let me get this straight. If I was to subscribe I would get a lot of games for free to play as long for a month? Like for example play a game beat it, and go onto a next game with out paying more? Are the game selections good?

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