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  1. I think the PS Now service is only worth it on the ps vita. I recently borrowed my friends ps vita and I rented the last of us for 7 days. Now , I don't own a ps3 or a ps4. In fact, I'm an Xbox player with both 360 and XO. So I never played the last of us but I really wanted to. So now with the ps now, I was able to play on my bed, on the toilet, even in the bath! It was surprisingly smooth and good looking. The multiplayer worked as well. The controls are not so good but definitely playable after getting used to. So if you have a vita give it a try!

  2. No i don't ps now is worth it they shoyld just make new games and quite rehashing old ones all you see is remastered this remastered that gearbox disappointed me when they announced the handsome collection i wish they would just focus on the next borderlands.

  3. I like your channel and reviews/rants but I don't understand why you are such a Sony fan boy given that 2014 the PS4 has been the most lackluster of the 3 consoles with hardly any games except what we got in 3rd party for 2014 that sucked, 1 decent exclusive Infamous SS with the rest like Drive Club being terrible and features that are missing from its previous system mainly USB video support that Xbox One fixed with an update that has monthly that PS4 has only had one meaningful update and free online multiplayer that Microsoft started with pay to play online but is still free on PS3 for the same service that you are charged an overpriced £40 annually if you just want to play online.
    Playstation 4 is more like Paystation 4 for all the payed alternatives they offer you for services that are free on the PS3.

  4. Have u considered offering a "7th LEVEL NOW"? LOL
    I wish gamers could file share games while linked to a MASSIVE server facility. Have it based on game age. Everything prior to say, 2009 would be sharable. & all games with multiplayer would have dedicated servers.

  5. I had a ps3 but really didn't invest heavily into just because I didn't have the cash but this weekend I'm picking up the ps4 and I am really debating if I should get the ps now subscription it's some good games on there that I missed so if you're like me and really didn't invest heavily in your ps3 go for it and I know eventually Sony will add more games and have more ps4 exclusives as well

  6. For me personally I really don't care for PS Now, because I'm a collector so I own a lot of the games. But if the PS2 games and early PS3 games have trophy support then it will be worth it. 

  7. You can try it for 7 days for free!!!!   I am going to say that it sucks because I would start a game like sonic episode 2 for 10 minutes and then I would get kick out of it.  Could be my net so I guess it's a no go for it.

  8. Bleh.  Never was a fan of rental services, as I like to physically own my games.  Maybe I'll consider it if it carried extremely rare titles that cost a fortune anywhere else.

  9. i agree with with you i would like to play some imported games i live in ireland so chrono cross xenogears never came out over here  ….. and would love to play yakuza  and berserk games  which i would also a big fan off 

  10. No, and i haven't watch video yet!!!

    Agreed about back catalogue of games on PS & PS2!!!

    Maybe if i can purchase them, then it would be a strong point to purchase a PS4, til then, no thanks!!

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