In this Legend of Dragoon Review, SuperDerek examines a game that was once heralded as a Final Fantasy VII killer!


  1. I don't know whether to get this game on PS One classics or Chrono Trigger for DS. I never played an RPG outside of Pokemon before, which bored me, but I want to get into the genre!

  2. I'm still surprised that The Legend of Dragoon never got a released sequel. Grandia, Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu, Legend of Legaia, Suikoden, and Wild Arms all got sequels, but not The Legend of Dragoon, even though it did rather well considering how it was released in the wake of Final Fantasy's explosive success in America.

  3. I really like the tone of your reviews. I'm starting to hate the irony pastiche that is so common for video game review channels. But yours are positive, straight forward and even respectful, even if it's not a feature you particularly liked. It's refreshing!

  4. This channel it's like one giant nostalgia trip. I wish I still had my gaming systems like the snes and play station. Playing emulators just isn't the same as holding the controllers in your hand.

  5. I liked just because of this line " known for being not Final Fantasy VII".

    The truth of this line hurts so much. This game is a gem. My favorite RPG is unknown to people because it was an RPG on PS1 that wasn't FFXII. That's just sad.

  6. I always tilt my head in confusion when 100% of people I talk to have forgotten about games entirely. Timespans anywhere from childhood games to just 5 years ago.

    I played LoD when I was 10 years old. Played again when I was 18. Vivid remembrance. Played it again a couple years later. May do another playthrough again. It's a fun game.

    Which reminds me actually. I was 90 hours in to my Stardust/Max Addition/Max Level run. My PS3 was stolen and my save data was lost forever :^)

    About the rhythm. I think there's a rhythm to the Additions. You just need to be "music-ly" minded. I still remember ever Max Addition and timing it to an internal rhythm.

    Also, I cannot believe you used that item! Sure you don't gotta do the Additions, but you lose 50% of your total damage! Only a dummy uses that item!

  7. I purchased this game as an ex rental at a video store in 2004, I eventually got round to playing it in 2006 after much anticipation (was playing ffx a lot then haha) I was so blown away and amazed by the game, In love with rose and deeply invested, then the end of the 2nd disk was scratched after a boss fight, i tried, bt was unable to get it fixed. Its been over 10 years now, but I still vow to finish that game some day 😀

  8. Oh yeah, Legend of Dragoon, one of my all time favorite RPGs, in fact my 2nd favorite JRPG just before Xenogears (mah favorite video game EVER).  Speaking of Xenogears, any plans of covering this game?

  9. Man i am an instant subscriber, there is not enough youtube reviewers on here that actually take time and effort to go into such depth on all these amazing retro classics. What i consider to be the golden years of rpgs.

  10. Awesome review. I loved this game alongside Legend of Legaia. Two of the best RPGs I've ever played in my life besides FF7. There's only a few modern games that I consider to be as epic, The Witcher 3 being one of them.

  11. I think this game's strongest point was the fighting system. I've had a lot of fights in there, I've beaten a few bosses, and I've never felt bored, not once. That might be due to me smirking at the dubbing or the translation, but the additions system and the amazing cutscenes do really make it very entertaining. Hell, that's the only RPG I've ever played that made me WANT to have fights, to get all additions right and to practice on those that were harder.

  12. dudeeee you are the MVP for mentioning Roinin Warriors, i thought i was the only one that liked both LoD and Ronin warriors, you just got yourself a sub mate

  13. Another Ronin Warriors AND Legend of Dragoon fan! That was quite a nice surprise! Great review, I always noticed similarity in LoD and RW, too. As for New Game+, there is that glitch to play through the game w/ the Divine Dragoon armor…

  14. Wow i was one of the few who bought this back in the day even though…"that other game " was everywhere.
    I don't remember it now but…i do remember "Demons Gate" though 🙂

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