YEAH Life of a black tiger must be tough and filled with rage… i’m sure this could’ve been good but… i dunno. Sony recently put this trailer up onto the PSN store …


  1. You guys are really funny! Nice too see more british gamers :). Unbelievable game, brings me to tears of pure joy. GOTY material right here.

  2. "The story of the game is about a black tiger, born as a variant and abandoned by his parents and brothers, fights against human and shows his love to his family. You can have a vivid and realistic experience through set in jungle, field, and forest surroundings in game. Acting as a cruel hunter in the vast plains and fields, players are thrown into a fight against human beings and other beast of prey."

  3. wtf I've never had so much fun in any other game, I'm addicted to this amazing, beautifully crafted masterpiece. How can you call yourself game reviewers if you're so out of touch

  4. It is an attempt from the Russians to hack PS+ and steal all our PSN Money! Once you putin the disc (see what I did there) a virus will be uploaded onto the PSN network, stealing our money and identities!

  5. Pfff, what do you know, this is clearly Pc jealousy. You wish you had such an outstanding game like " Life of Black Tiger" what pc games can even compare to this? None. This game is even so futuristing in grafic, Gameplay, hell this is 2050 grafics.
    So finally admit, the Pc is done. You are all Pc Peasents !!!

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