I know this video is very poorly edited bu that is the point of this video. We want your feedback as to what you like in it, and any scenarios you would like to see in …


  1. Add Vrontor on Xbox one to join an active police roleplay clan! We are hiring police supervisors as well as leaders for EMS and Fire! Also need civilians!

  2. Need to use the codes and be more realistic watch Alaska state trooper clan videos AMD rcmp videos for help they are realistic you need to be educated

  3. Hello everyone, this crew took a break for some time. We are now starting it back up so please respond to this post with your GT and I will get back to you.

  4. Hey guys who ever wants to play any type of roleplay on the ps3 on gta5 and has a mic just put your psn below and i will work on playing with anyone who wishes to play

  5. Hey there guys my name is Isaac my GT: AdmiringMocha14 I am one of the leaders of First Due gaming and we are a nice size crew that is very experienced in roleplaying we have muiltiple crew members in the military and police. I am actually almost a fireman we record for YouTube if you'd like to see how roleplay check out tylerman42 on YouTube you won't regret it Thanks.

  6. Hey! I'm A Man Of Improv & Roleplaying. Even Out Of Everyone Else Who Wants To Join. At Least This Is My Attempt. So If Anyone Reads This… I was Wondering If You Want To Roleplay. Send Me A Xbox Live Message… Gamertag: DarkDareGaming

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