Welcome to my Minecraft Roleplay Let’s Play called The Simpsons which is on Xbox version of Minecraft. This series is a roleplaying Adventure, where we go on …


  1. Once there was a poopy elf called toxic jolt toxic jolt was nitro Luke DX's friends nitro was way more prettier than toxic nitro was so hot ever snow golems wanted to kiss him… Haha wait no one OK anyway Luke had all the fans and his number 1 viewer Nicky Bennett she watched since she was five now she's 9 and nitro saw her amazing comment and noticed she like toxic even though he was poopy an smelly she had a feeling for him anyway nitro put her name in toxics amazing statue of prettiness and one day after Luke put her in his statue Nicky dressed up as a elf and danced around like a wonderful princess/elf thing person. So that's my story Luke and if I do get added to the hall of adventurers I would like to be in yours please Luke P.S I never liked toxic and if he gets into any more trouble I'll join your wonderful gang as myself the one and only ElasticSoldier0 and I will protect you from evil doctor forehead and stop toxics naughtiness!!

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