IS THE NBA RIGGED? Are All Sports Fixed for profit? We also cover current state of Hip Hop and artist thinking global to build their brand. My name is Jay and this is my vlog. I wanted to…


  1. nba lose a lot of money because two team sweeping and the warriors to strong against the cavs. nobody can beat the warriors right now. i don't think the spurs can beat them even kawhi is healthy. the only people gonna watch a lot of NBA games is philippines and the DUBS where a lot of pinoys live. me im from cleveland i love the cavs but im done with NBA.

  2. There is a book called (The Fix is In). I'm so surprised you covered this topic it's something not a lot of people would want to touch on but it's true I'm behind you brother

  3. I have followed the Raiders since 1990. And because of the NFL' s disdain for, then owner, Al Davis. The Raiders, for every single year, the most penalized team in the NFL. Football can easily be rigged with just the referees.

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