No commentary. Sorry for the inactivity, but Slender The Arrival has finally reached its console release and the legendary PC update will be out eventually.


  1. when charlie gets u at the end he drags u in the end then you where in the bastment and in the same house next to kates then when the girl you play as gets out of the basment you will hear kate crying then when you get u get close to her she jumps and rape you like charlie in the begining when you get close to him he hits you and disapeard.

  2. This level seems scripted… In the playthroughs that I've seen it's always the same. Charlie never actually harms you in the tunnels, but rather just appears/disapperas and runs around making you uneasy. The first time he seems to even make sound or pose a threat is after you pick up the toys in the chapel.

  3. Okay, I know it is for the sake of the gameplay value but Carl Ross isn't too smart. He didn't think to bring a source of light (flashlight, lantern, whatever) when he is investigating a farm at sunset? And couldn't just hop over the fence to completely avoid getting the fuel and summoning scary Charles? C'mon!

  4. When he droped the camra cr ran to his car and charlie followed him to the slender forest and thats y charlie is at the new ending at the house thats abannded next to the house whare kate is then slender captured kate took her to the mines then when u touch charlie at the begining he hits you charlies gone and then charlie runs to the power tower and hides in the dark waiting for your arrival to the power tower and then when u get to a dead end charlie breaks open the door and runs at u oh and the camra thing with cr slender picked up the camera if u watch closely u can see slenders hand reach for the camrea and he takes tye tape out then goes to that little hut and puts the tape their for u to watch. And when charlie was runing to the power tower slender tricked charlie to giveing gim his old teddy but he took it and put it next to a tree and tyen when u come along it u clicked and wispering goes on and if u listen closely u can hear charlies and kates and other souls talking and that last wisper is from slender then u see a flashback of charlie with his cute bear but u follow a trail of toy trains like the ones in homestrad in the church with tye toy trains on the floor but charlie dosent want u to have them so he just chases u cause u stole his toys and 1 thing why is their a baby doll well when he was a baby he had a sister and but sadly his sister died in 3 months but charlie hated u when u took his toys and his sisters baby doll and in that picture of the whole family on the left hand corner u can see a little girl holding a baby doll and slender standing tall in the house .charlie and his sister were best sister and brother untill she died and charlie kept her doll to remind him of his dead and gone sister but in memories the new level charlie follows toy trains and u ask whares charlies sister well she died and then all charlie wanted was his sister back and his parents took him to the beach but slender made a trap fir charlie by puting little toy trains to lewer him to his forest and from a mile away slender uses his long tentacles like when u see them when everything is on fire and u need to get the the tower and u see slenders long tentacles makes sense right when charlie got took away and put into this house and crys cause all he wanted was his parents and mostly his sister and he left to rot and suffer with no food or water crying of suffering a horrible horrible pain of hunger slender used charlie to be his killing slave but at the new ending u find out the hood guy in the mines is kate cause when u touch kate at the new ending she jumps on u and but u drop ur camera but it looks like your dead but but ur not thats kate u threw he off and she hit the wall and if u are in the mines look at her feet looks just like the person getting draged right so u were still alive most people think charlie was slender right but he wasnt in that easter egg it shows a picture of charlie and slender together but that dosent mean charlie was slender it ment slender took charlie if u still think slender is charlie then ur a fucking idiot . thats all the info i have thx for reading this comment 🙂

  5. I always forget what to do. It's so hard to see on ps3! I don't know if its my tv, or the brightness or what. I hope they make enough money to make a completely redefined upgrade to ps4. Or perhaps make the sequel easier to see your objectives. (I'm not saying they should make the game easier but at least give us a proper map.

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