Namco Bandai has expressed interest in making an Open World Next Gen Naruto game! What do YOU think about this?! Namco said they would do it if the fans …


  1. the next Naruto game that you make you have got to make the Awakening full Naruto Sasuke and all the other characters playable make them playable and give them their own ultimate attacks and I don't mean just that but all the Boss characters ultimate Attacks too

  2. Just thinking about all the side quest possibilities. Like a sidequest to throw paint all over the leaf village like naruto does in the anime, or pervy sage sidequests which result in him getting a glimpse into some dressing rooms lol. They could definitely make naruto work as a open world rpg. Though would be quite difficult designing the world i imagine

  3. id like to have an open world rpg, where one can customise ones character, and is able to get jutsus, that no one else has, for instance, change in chacra form and nature, an then be allowed to change and add new things, like form the jutsu yourself.
    the game should be in 3rd person, although, id like it even more if it were first person. the fights should be fast paced, for instance like call of duty, but have the same ingame mechanics as world of warcraft has. the looks of the game, should stay animated, like those anime games, where it actually looks exactly like in the anime.

  4. I would like a completely open world Naruto game where you start by making your own character and select what clan you want him to be in. Of course this means the uchiha and all others. Then start at the academy and work your way up. Then you can go do missions and stuff or become a rogue ninja and even join the akasuki. It's all up to the player. I would love that.

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