Sony has announced update 3.50 for the PlayStation 4 will be available from April 6. A video for the update, which is codenamed Musashi, has also been …


  1. Still can't put your own wallpaper, change your name,

    More party spam, and everyone gonna appear offline now, I guess it's good for the girl's who get spam 24/7

  2. Help me out here guys. I don't understand, why would you want to do this? Streaming the games to your PC just sound like it would be a worse game experience overall compared to just using the console itself to play on.

  3. You are all acting like this is a brand new console, and that these are the only features on the console…..just calm the hell down!

  4. Wait, so Playstation didhn't talk about the remote play feature in the reveal video? Why? Isn't it considered a semi-big update?

  5. Remote Play streaming at a paltry 720p, that makes this feature a waste of my time when I can stream Xbox One games at 1080p. Never mind Sony, I'll just stick with the awesome Xbox One App.

  6. I hope this update fixes this world wide problem of not getting notifications to pop up. I check my messages but when I message people to play or some thing, they don't see it and it's been real annoying how hard it's been to gather people because of a bug in the system.

  7. Omg people on the comment section have 5 brain cells combined.
    Trash that trash this. Omg its an added feature thats all there is to it.

  8. The ability to appear offline <3 A long needed update! Sometimes I just wanna play some games without being bugged with party invites .. Sometimes I don't wanna seem like an asshole by not wanting to join someone's game.
    So.. Thanks Sony. Good shit boys&girls.

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