1. I would pay $29.99 a month to play every playstation game ever made including new releases it would be like cable for gamers! Think of how much money they would make per year off of every gamer it just makes sense! $360 x 7 years "the life of a console" = $2520.00+Price of console! Thats a whole lot more money than $500 for a console and maybe $400 in games in seven years! It just makes sense and I think gaming will come to this!

  2. 10$ per month  subscription is the way to go.   to play all the games you want.  sony must think about, that it is OLD  ps3 games  they are renting out.
    if you  are renting   rainbow six vegas  on playstation now for  3$ for 4 hours.  its really bad, i can buy the game for 7$ AND play that game for the rest of my life if i wanted to. and with no internet connection and with the best quality.

    sony must think again.   its old games with picture quality issues that must be played online to work.   so  that against  a  real game for maby 10$ that you can play offline and own till you die.      i dont want to rent a game for 15$ for 3 month when i can buy the game for less ..    so if i wanted to rent a game for one month for 8$  and then rent it again and again, then the price is way higher than a real copy of the game,  i dont understand you sony

  3. Something you didn't cover….  Going to drive 10 minutes to grab a new game at a Walmart Red Box is nothing compared to the hour you will spend downloading the game to only play it for 4 hours….. I hope Sony sees this. Great video Fig!

  4. I respectfully disagree with your stance here.  It seems the main problem you have is with the 4 hour rental which is probably going to make up less than 5% of all rentals.  I think the other prices are great options compared to other game rental stores.

  5. Not sure about renting games. If I wanted to do that, theres gamefly. 
    If they go to a subscription based and I can play any game, any time I want, then I would be ok with things. But really, we already paying for a year sub to use online gaming, why should we have to pay again to use games.  

  6. Needs a subscription I hate the model in it's current format. Maybe give gamers a choice between renting individual and then the subscription model. Also have a 48 hour free trial period. You can't do a month like Amazon instant video or Netflix because most people will just play what they want and then not use the service for a few more months.

  7. Paying for a demo is ridiculous in my opinion. I don't care about the service I enjoyed Xbox live and the way they are doing that service. You pay for it for a year and you get a few free games a month. PS plus they are pretty much the same thing besides not being able to own a free game it's the same. Sony should be more like Xbox when it comes to games. I have both systems and if they are like steam everyone would be very happy.

  8. A few things I am going to nicely criticize Fig, only because I feel that your aware of it, but not sure what to do yet or havent noticed, ect.. One, my own opinion, you should have a different song than the clicking infrpmer one after your intro plays. the opening segment works, just when you go to intro than back to your topics, I feel that it should be a different song. Just a thought. Two, you really should make your rants short and sweet and make a separate video going more in depth, that way you hit the topic fast and if anyone is interested they can go to the rant video plus keeps retention rate. and Three, once again all my opinions, it needs more Fig, I dunno, another handsome chocolate man popping out  of the corner yelling Whoopsies.  

  9. The prices will be fixed. Because 5.99 for a week is cheap compared to what it use to be to rent at Blockbuster or anywhere else. Lol and 2.99 for four hours is bad. So the prices dont make sense. Kind of happy EA made that subscription move. That will make Sony fix these prices and also force them to make a subscription model. By the way, the way to fix these prices is if you have a rent to buy model. Then they subtract the amount you payed for you to keep the game. 

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