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  1. Seriously? You could buy darksiders for 10$ so why would I pay more money to rent it for a month? This is stupid. It would be better to make it subscription based, or just bring the ps3/2/1 games to ps4

  2. If they make it a subscription service, they won't see a penny of my money unless every game on that service is free. I'd rather pay 20-60 dollars a game and own the damn thing not stream it like Netflix, I'm sorry but I honestly hate the idea of a game being streamed over the Internet, bad enough when Netflix will not load cuz of connection issues, what's gonna happen when your in the middle of a game and all the sudden your signed out ? Will that end the game ? And if it does will your save be in the same place as u left it or will it be a major setback? I can already see problems brewing with this, just make ps3 games available for purchase and I bet I and probably a lot of other playstation fans will be happy. Good day

  3. I'm not liking it because of that you need to rent the games, I expected it to work the way that it gains access to the games you own (via PSN account) and you could play them for free. Next thing is that I have no 5 Mbps connection only 1.2 so, yeah, not good for me, and the last thing is that Playstation Network isn't supported in my country thus I can't pay the price. I'm looking to buyback my ps3. In one word it's useless feature for me

  4. I thought PlayStation Now WAS a subscription based service where you pay however much a month or year. I don't like the whole rental idea, maybe Ill grow to like it tho. Oh and waiting until it comes to PS3 so I can try it out

  5. What do you guys think of this service so far let me know!
    I will be doing a review on PS Now and I will be picking some of your comments to use in my video!! 

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