We’re test streaming PlayStation 3 games on your Windows PC using PlayStation Now! With over 400 games to choose from and insanely easy setup, what can …


  1. In the video you said you streamed journey on the ps vita and then you tried to play it here on the pc , if you stream the same game across 2 different devices will you save game be on both of them ?

  2. oh my god we can play the last of us god of war shadow of the colonssus and more playstation exclusives but of we want ps4 games we have to wait the next generator

  3. PS Now is great especially if you have fast internet, games load much faster compared to the ps3 or ps vita. I feel that streaming service for sony would be better. PS Now would make sony more money if they streamed the entire sony library including ps1,psp, ps vita, ps2, ps3, and ps4. You can just keep making free 7 day accounts to play their current library on single player games or fighting games. Xbox 360 and Xbox One along with any pc controllers will work with ps now.

  4. Can you play these games online? I mean multiplayer… Like Borderlands, Twisted Metal, etc… And when you play online who is it against? Just anyone else using Playstation Now?

  5. So if I get Playstation Now and play Borderlands on my PC, can I play multiplayer with a friend that owns a copy of Borderlands on their PS3? Or what about if they have Playstation now on their PS3?

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