Want to pay a lot for a game with input lag? Try PS Plus. You can pay more just to play a PS3 game.


  1. I haven't liked the UK line up since it launched. No Assassin's Creed and no Tomb Raider like you guys have… that said, this service is actually very well worth anyone's cash if they've not bothered to play some games that were released for the PlayStation 3. I am now a monthly subscriber with only a 40 down and 10 up connection and the input lag is little to nothing. I don't even notice it.

  2. psnow sucks because I once was expecting to get a ps3 for Christmas with a few games I would play and my dad said this "ps3 is obsolete. They don't make games for it anymore." Then I told him that on the psnow store on playstation 4 is where you can buy ps3 games and when we bought it it was ok but now its so laggy that when I if I ever played sonic the hedgehog 06, it would be more unplayable then sonic 06 because of the fucking lags! Its would be worse then sonic 06 ok because when psnow lags it makes a horrible sound and glitches up! Don't waste your $20 on a psnow subsciption. Dont expect ps now to be and better just because it is on ps4 from ps3 games.

  3. cant even get it to connect. i live by myself with my girl. wired to router, paid the for the maximum internet package, no other devices connected and it says that it's unable to stream because of the connection. bullshit

  4. Talk to me when I can insert a PS2PS3 game into my PS4 and stream it for free. That is the ultimate solution and anything else Sony is just kidding themselves.

  5. PS Now is a joke. To use this for there excuse of backwards compatibility is bullshit. Same thing with them saying there hardware cant run PS3 games. My PC and tablet can run games all the way up to NGC and PS2 using emulators that actually work very well. I have a hard time believing that Sony cant just make PS3 emulator optimized for P$4. There is no excuse, Sony just wants to milk money out of its customers, just like any other greedy corporation. 

  6. Why are you talking about high prices ms fanboy? Did not now that you can count, Microsoft is more expensive and Nintendo the cheapest with the best games..

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