Playstation Plus “Free” Games are Pathetic – (PS+ Games Suck) Since the PS4 launched we have had about 5 games that actually worth playing, and that …


  1. i do not care what fanboys think how ever say indie games are not good there fanboys how buy anything good or bad and say good things to that companiy and cann see the stupid bad things they are doing shit indie games fucking suck will not renew my ps plus games for gold for june 2017 we getting assassin creed 3 and dragon age orgin 1 for the xbox 360 backwards compatible i rather paly those than ps plus shit games and also for xbox one watch dogs 2 and 1 indie game ONE MOTHER FUCKING INDIE GAME TEAM GREEN DOES INDIE GAME GOOD ONE INSIDE GAME ON THS FUCKING LIST SPEEDRUNNERS FUCK TEAM BLUE SONY SHIT .

  2. It's funny when the ps4 launched they said they were giving us shitty games because the game library was small. It's now 2017 and they're still giving us shit

  3. I got sucked into PS+ one time only. These kiddies games blow the big one. Fuck Sony! Hazzador is right on the mark with hiss assessment of the shit Sony offers

  4. In the main I do agree with you, Sony does throw a lot of indie style titles in their free games that personally I won't be playing. That being said they do throw some gems once in a while such as the ones you've mentioned and others such as Injustice, Lords of the Fallen, LittleBigPlanet 3, Tearaway, The Walking Dead 2, Oddworld, Fez, Driveclub and in fact Discjam is pretty good too. Yes it is still to sugarcoat the fact that we are paying for online (which unfortunately won't change, we already had the PS3 free online as a luxury) but honestly for me, the majority of the titles you mentioned that Xbox have given away really don't appeal to me. I'm not saying they are doing amazing but it's not as bad as it could be. Each to their own though and nevertheless a great video Mr H – Dan

  5. Good thing there's more than enough games to keep us busy this month!! That's the problem with putting a new indie game in with the ps+ and games with gold it usually ends up being bad.Yeah when Sony started charging for multiplayer with ps+ that hurt.

  6. Ps plus was optional on the ps3 and the games were usually always good, now the online is compulsary and more people buy it you would think the games would be even better not worse, its a scam…

  7. You're right. Most are garbage. There was an online one that was free anyways (rock thrown achievement unlocked!) that I enjoy from time to time. I can't remember its name and am too lazy to turn on my PS4.

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