This is a monthly comparison of the free games offered by PlayStation Plus and Xbox Games with Gold. Which platform do you think has the better games this …


  1. Go To Google And Type: FreeCodesXXX Now this has been the purely working xbox live gold deals working these days. Please do not waste the available free time in other codes

  2. not gonna lie but you compared best ps plus games with xbox gold worst games. you are not being fair cause xbox had pretty good games in last months as compared to ps4.

  3. I got both consoles so I'm kinda really digging this gig a little bit here a little bit there. So Mario, you're gonna halftwo get your plumbing asscrack back in the pipe. *smack" smack

  4. bro you don't get free games once you run out of PS plus and Xbox gold you have to purchase the game to continue playing it this is a scam and you console fanboys are falling for it stop paying for Xbox gold and PS plus your getting scammed

  5. Fuck man, Xbox literally hasn’t had anything good in the last 6 months, and I wouldn’t be complaining at all if PlayStation wasn’t dropping amazing titles with their service

  6. I’m from Xbox, since 2014 but I’m thinking to switch cuz of the bad games? PlayStation has amazing games, but Xbox makes themselves look cheap and desperate for money

  7. ps3 owner xbox won again and last month another month for us with useless Indies i dont even bother to even download the indie games this guy must be in crak to say ps plus won i got two free indie games last month two free indie games this month why he didnt name the ps3 games coz they aree garbage the xbox gets better games cayman medal of honor like seriously dude he thinks two weak games for the ps3 beat metal of honor and layman tf this guy is doing hard core drugs on the ps4 only metal gear is a good game but the xbox one is getting 4 games how the fuck ps plus is gonna beat that?

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