The PlayStation launched on September 9, 1995, which makes today the 20th anniversary of the U.S. launch. Let’s celebrate 20 years with 20 of the best PS1 …


  1. Wild Arms 2 is also my favourite on PS1 but overall WA3 is still my most favourite in the entire series as far as story is concerned. I heard they are going to make a new one. WA4 and WA5 which had no wild west setting and the terrible HEX system that turned people off like myself. If they are going to make a new Wild Arms they better make sure it's proper and go back all the way to the wild west setting that made WA a great franchise. Michiko Naruke never wrote the music for WA4 and WA5 since he became ill so that probably tells why the wild west setting was neglected in WA4 and WA5.

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