PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Cross Network Play. Gears of War 4 Gets Stunning New Screenshots. This is a sponsored Sponsored Video from Norton. Episode 2 …


  1. Sony's response was epic yo,

    "we always are open to cross-platform play" Final Fantasy franchise was one of the first that they have done this with PC in the early 2000's

  2. Great crossplay, now pc modders can ruin ps4 gamers game and use their keyboard and mouse to destroy us and then we will have the xbox mafia starting at PS4 players for a 1v1 that will just get everyone annoyed. Like seriously, why would we want to play with the other sides. we chose the console we play on for a reason. not to have other consoles with either better controllers or cheating with mods. it's just going to be a bunch or complainers about it when everyone votes for it to come out. it's bad enough xbox fans are still raging at he fact we get DLCS before them. imagine playing with them.

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