Here we go again! Yes its PSVTA News time again and off we go with a BIG News Game announcement Exist Archive confirmed for a US Release. Darkest …


  1. I really hope Darkest Dungeon is fantastic on Vita. I love hearing that they are taking the time to add more content for us.

    Ps Plus games are kind of crappy this month. It should be PS Vita games only, not PSP.

  2. Darkest dungeon will cause an increase on the psvita sales, it will make everyone go so batshit insane they will throw their poor psvita out the window and will need to buy a replacement after all overconfidence is a slow and insidius killer…XD

  3. Darkest Dungeon is very interesting to me, with its psychological effects on its characters. I have been reading about it since it was in development (I think it was crowdfunded). Heard it was extremely difficult. I don't mind a good challenge, but I hope I am not demoralized to the point of quitting the game!

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