All confirmed and rumoured Playstation VR releases for April 2018. This is the 1 year anniversary of this video serie, thanks for watching everyone! Free PS Plus VR game of the month: Trackmania…


  1. these games are the reason why the majority of ps4 owners do not own a psvr headset.. its pathetic, there is nothing worth playing! it is such a shame because i want to buy one.. i want to throw my money at sony for a headset but please they need to release sonething good, the games that are being released do not appeal to vast majority of gamers.

  2. Dreams by MediaMolecule will be coming to VR so we'll be able to make our own VR games and share them with the community. Don't think VR just stops there guys! We'll be getting some great VR stuff!

  3. Unfortunately after, Resident Evil 7, they did not release more PSVR games that were as good as it. I would like one to appear in the same style of gameplay. It does not have to be survival, but it has at least a good history and a long camapanha. I no longer have the patience to play short campaign games with no relevant stories.

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