Played by: xRavenXP Longplay of Suikoden game, an RPG developed and published by Konami for Playstation and Sega Saturn (this …


  1. i just got my hands on this! Finally! I don't buy online, i wait for my local shop to hopefully get the things i want…. and this week it finally came through! Also got lunar 1 and 2, parasite eve, FF1 and 2, and wild arms, all for my ps1! im most excited to finally get to play suikoden 1!

  2. This game is a classic!! Loved everything about it, they don't make games like this anymore. Apart from Final Fantasy 7-10 are there any other games like this still out there?

  3. Great game for its times.
    Coming from snes to this must have being mind blowing.
    Fantastic music and so may characters to choose from, also love the military aspect of this game, building your own base, expanding your army, its all so fun.
    Overworld is kinda weak and forgatable and the game is kinda too easy tho but thats a problem i have with most of psx era rpgs, i guess im just too good at them 😉

  4. I've heard Suikoden 1 and 2 are some of the absolute best RPGs ever. I'd definitely like to play them myself, but I don't have any PS systems, so this will have to do.

    So is it optimal to watch this longplay or should I just wait until I have the opportunity to play them for myself? And are 3-5 as awesome as well? Thanks!

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