The world of RAGE 2 comes to life with our new announce trailer! The official gameplay reveal for RAGE 2 will release right here tomorrow, May 15. Stay tuned …


  1. I love id software, avalanche studio and bethesda. My review of the game compared to this announce trailer is: The game is awesome, but this revealing trailer is ridiculous.

  2. Too bad this game has been made by Bethesda

    Also very bad news the game is full of glitches why did I even hype for this game…

  3. Imagine being a dev on this game and creating something you cant wait to unveil to world…and then they hire an ad agency that produces this unbelievably cringe-storm of live-action idiots to completely devoid everyone of hype.

  4. To be honest i only had enough money for 1 game this time so i was going to get mortal kombat 11 but look's like im getting this one.

  5. Еще одно розовое говно выходит от юбипросрофт. Такое ощущение что АРТ директор там тупая пизда, а не профессионал своего дела. Или пидар.

  6. Doom: a game about slaughtering all sources of evil as the unstoppable War-God that is the Doomguy
    Wolfenstien: facing a never ending tide of Nazi horrors as the last free people on the planet
    Rage 2: No rules. Just guns. Go fuck shit up.
    Ladies and Gentlemen…The Bethesda/id shooter trifecta

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