PlayStation Vita and Xperia Phone owners have been able to remote play their PS4 games to their devices but now you can do it on your Windows PC too!


  1. i appreciate the info and the fact the video was uploaded back in Jan but the PS4 
    update 3.5 now supports MAC as well as PC remote play.
    Also one less reason to buy a PS Vita – Well done SONY, you've scored an own goal(?)

  2. So say the pc version of a game is to bulky for my pc to handle… Can i play that same game remotely through my ps4 and not run into problems?

    i.e the game takes more ram than my pc has

  3. i tried the free pc version, just to see if i can set it up. but i cant get it to connect to my ps4. it does recieve the register ping but then it says: http request failed: http response code said error

  4. question can you play uncharted games on PS4 with keyboard-mouse with that or u need to use controller (i do not mind the controllers but mouse keyboard is way easy )

  5. Could you help me in connecting my PS4 controller? I got my game playing but when I go and connect my controller through Bluetooth then head over to Remote Play and change the controller settings to my wireless controller, nothing happens when I try to control the screen. My controller is solid white meaning I am connected but I don't know what I did wrong

  6. hey man is there a way to turn on my ps4 (after the first time i connect pc or android to it) with this remote play or do i need to have it turned on before doing anything and also can i shut it down from remote play?

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