Defunct Games reviews Pharaonic, available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Inspired by Dark Souls, Pharaonic is a punishingly difficult adventure …


  1. This game keeps freezing and stopping, I love the game but way too many glitches and resets for me to beat, I had to wait many different times for the game to let me pass by, not a bad game by any means but was not made for my xbox one, so I cant say I like ed beating it, it was only 10 dollars, in 2018, so i cant say its not wroth it

  2. This game would of been better if it focused its inspiration on the Prince Of Persia games. More specifically the 2007 remake of the first game, which enhances the slow pacing of the old 2D platformers with fast paced acrobatic maneuvers based on the Sands of Time trilogy.

  3. I'm pretty sure milkstone released a bunch of $1 XBLIG titles to varying success. its too bad this game falls short as it's the largest game ive seen them release to date, but myriad technical issues don't bode well for their future on consoles

  4. i think theres been many people who have wanted to create difficult games like this, but were scared to. But when Demon and Dark souls managed to become so big, thats when other devs said 'ok i guess its safe to make a profit off of this'…granted i could care less about the Dark Souls series, but I wouldn't be surprised if that would be one of the reasons there's been such a boom with said gaming genre.

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