Defunct Games reviews Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom by Enigami, available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom is …


  1. Games being released unfinished nowadays is the main reason I only buy them second hand (or heavily discounted months later, when it comes to digital only titles) . Counter-productive, as I firmly believe developers and publishers should get paid when they release something good, but I am sick of discs being nothing more than update launchers with several gigabyte of data to download. Couldn't they wait for development to be actually complete instead of relying on patches? I read a blog post from a game developer about this subject a few months ago, and in a nutshell he said that while it was legitimate for consumers to expect a finished product, it was no longer realistic. The future of video games really looks promising!

  2. I remember seeing a trailer for this game and leaving a comment about how I was worried because it looked too ambitious for the team behind it. I had a feeling something had to give, and unfortunately it seems like I was right.

    Even for big companies it's hard to recover after a really bad launch. The reputation of being broken can stay with a game even after it gets fixed and it is difficult to reach your audience a second time.

  3. Dang. Brutal. This is a real shame the game is so buggy. It really does look interesting. Will you consider making an updated review if the game ever gets significantly patched?

  4. Could you review deBlob, now that it's available on PC? I was worried about framerate issues when I saw the trailer, but after seeing it get positive review scores, I ended up buying it and I didn't regret it!

  5. Aww man, I really liked the look of this game. Guess I should keep an eye on it in case it gets a patch soon, but when games launch in this kind of state it's hard to recover.

  6. thanks for this commentary/warning. I had seen this game the other day, and thought that it looked very interesting and was waiting to purchase of this Friday. I won't be doing that until they fix the bugs and major glitches.

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