Snooker Nation Championship Developer: Cherry Pop Games Publisher: Cherry Pop Games Genre: Indie, Simulation, Sports, Strategy, Early Access Release …


  1. cherry pop is out of business…no update since may, no response from their dumb blonde customer relation person. never buy anything with their name slapped on it. they are thieves looking for quick money just like an alcoholic looking for booze.

  2. i have played their pool game is wasn't good, Virtual pool 4 is a much better game….Like the pool, the table looks to slow, the pockets look like they are like sponges, i'll give this a miss.

  3. This was not a feedback. Those are facts. Facts that are easily discoverable by anyone who doesn't have the mentality of a sheep. The game has nice graphics. That. Is. It.

  4. Like every other game that Cherry Pop has made before, this one is another example of a failed attempt, lies on top of dozens of other lies, broken promises etc etc. Cherry Pop must be neutralized. Steam must cut the cord with this small team of bull shitter that only try to make a quick buck (steal people money) Cherry Pop deserve to never be able to make video game in the future and I wish them to go bankrupt and beg for food scrap for the rest of their miserable life.

  5. 1:38 there was actually someone coughing just before you took your shot! How rude 🙂 Great to see some snooker again, Jimmy! The game looks really good, but the audio design is a bit strange, there's a lot of "cuts" and no ambience at all in between, lol.

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