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  1. Sony wants to know why they are having a financial problem, because of stupid choices to manufacture shit like this, and then they go from free online service to PlayStation Plus Membership fees, in order to play online.

  2. So Sony raising the price for PSN and making more Remakes for new users..

    What about us Sony the older users? how are we ment to spend our time?

    Sony are just going to milk the new user base with remakes and higher PSN pricing till they run out of options..

    Playstation brand is dieing my fellow PS users, don't support Sonys empty promises..

    I can see a similiar pattern to Sega and their gaming platforms on how it died..

    I guess it's true MS and their Xbox brand are the kid on the block just like how Sony were with their Playstation brand all those years ago when they debuted the brand during the 5th generation..

    Humph** Ok MS it's your turn let's see what you got with the Xbox brand…

    I'll be trading in my PS4 this weekend to pick up the XBO.

  3. This generation is just meh. Honestly, we might end up with Uncharted 4, Halo X, Zelda and what not at the end of the generation but this gen sucks heavy sax.

  4. How bout you put that money we give you for ps plus into Playstation network because it's total bull that we are playing on the same network as the PS3 and it hasn't changed in any way. Basically stop loading your pockets and make your consumers happy or you'll start losing the console wars

  5. Thank you Sony, that's why we bought a PS4 for, to play remasters, but oh well, what do they care?  The PS4 is selling so well that they can pretty much do whatever they want.

  6. Been 5 days out of psn yearly sub, considering not even renewing it. And that's hard for me to admit. In fairness it's not just Sony that letting me down I think it's the whole industry, I believe Sony, Ms and dev/publishers have colluded to push us towards their own agenda. Subscriptions/digital content/more for less. I think it a shame.

    Ie crack down you need online to play the best bit. Need for speed you need online for the main story.
    Xbox you need external to use service they promised u even before u bought the box.
    Sony let's be honest ripping us off over psn.
    Same price remakes and forcing 3rd party shit in our face!
    Ea releasing games that have less content than PS3 versions, take Rory McElroy golf 1/3rd of tiger woods game. Bf hardline 1/5 of BF2 15 years ago.
    Dlc just segments of the game cut out of the full game to make more money rather than true expansion packs.
    The fact the two boxes look the same, have the same hard wear is living proof they've been in closed tlk

  7. I have said Sony is slowly becoming like Microsoft last gen just trying to be cheap or fuck people over also these remasters are just cash grabs what's the advantage 1080 P 60 frames per second that's it?That's not worth 60 bucks also the price hike is retarded.

  8. I had my ps4 for 3 months with plus & within those month's only good free game was metal gear solid ground zero & tomb raider temple

    The rest crap game's, & I don't even play online most game's I play either borderlands , witcher 3 , etc $17.99 cost 24.99 I'm done buying it, so hopefully I will rack up on those 17 99 cards before they rise it

  9. Sony: We know our fans love 1080p , so we're releasing a 720p projector !
    Fans: Stop!
    Sony: what's wrong I thought you take anything in the ass from us , cause we're 1080p God , at low setting 25-30fps"
    PC gamer : 1440p 144hz
    Sony fan: I don't have a comeback but I'm just gonna complain about how PC is too expensive and its not worth it
    Pc fan : so I'm guessing your not gonna make fun of the Xbox 900 in like 25% of games right?
    Sony fan : OH NOOOO WERE GONNA DESTROY THEM FROM HAVING 900p in 25% of games!
    Pc: 4k at 60hz….
    Sony fan…….. Play station now
    Xbox :backwar….
    Xbox :😑😑😑😑 seriously ….
    Lord gaben: ENOUGH is enough if you want the best experience go to a PC , if you wanna bitch about your 1080p then buy a ps4 , if you want a console that's 50 dollars cheaper that's also gets some old great games from last gen , and don't mind 900p on unoptimized 25% of games then you get an Xbox .

  10. More remasters? Thanks Sony.. If a Xbox or Nintendo gamer wanted to play PS Exclusives not available on the PS4, then they will use PS Now. No one is crying for remasters especially games that aren't even 1 to 2 years old. Complete cash grab.

  11. So now in uk it's going to be 40 for 3 months might as well spend the extra for a year the day I got my ps4 I bought a year so I wouldn't have to worry about buying it for a year

  12. Honestly what makes the PS4 that much better than the PS3??? You still have to sync trophies, you still can't change your gamer tag. Their both Blu ray players, they have the same apps, like Netflix. The PS4 has a better controller, but the PS3 has Free online multiplayer, so that balances out. And now the biggest games on the PS4 in the second half of 2015 are PS3 games. Journey, God of War 3, Uncharted….. Wasn't really worth $400 bucks to upgrade and play the Order 1886, Knack and Drive Club??? You could say the same thing about the 360 and the Xbox One, Which proves my point, this current gen sucks!

  13. MORE remasters? It's odd to me that people don't mind those. I don't know how the industry works but wouldn't that be time better spent giving us new games? I really thought this year would be the end of that. Guess not. I mean, if it's a collection and not just one game then I guess I'm ok with it.

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