Throwback Thursday is back thanks to original Xbox backwards compatibility! ***Xbox One X …


  1. Thank goodness for backwards compatibility, right? I have to say the idea to play some of my all time favorites without having to hook my original Xbox up is very appealing.

  2. KOTOR is still the greatest Star Wars game made.

    Also, a KOTOR review where you don’t talk about the companions? You never mentioned everyone’s childhood crush: Bastila or the handsome distrusting devil Carth.

  3. Just got it on the Xbox.this brings back memories this was the first Star Wars game I played and story was great I mean ya it’s not got the best graphics as game we have now but I am loving playing this again all we need now is star wars knights of the old republic movie and Darth revan on the big scream.

  4. Well you gave me about half a second to pause the video before you ruined the story. I’ll still play the game regardless but next time in advance give the viewer some time after you say spoiler alert to pause the video 🙁

  5. I was thinking about playing this but now the ending is completely ruined for me. That was completely unnecessary! Why not just speak vaguely about it and say "the surprise twist was amazing" or something like that… people that have played it will know what you mean, and those who haven't will just know something cool happens. This way you just wrecked it. Really pretty upset actually.

  6. Thank for the spoiler Crap, some of us only played this once over 13 years ago. I forgot the story but you've just read the last page of the book.

  7. Hey Xbox fanboys. Is Cuphead a flop because it only sold 1 million on Xbox and PC?

    Based on your logic, it's a flop because it only sold 1 million with over 130+ million Xbox one and PC users.

  8. Wow what great textures. I can't wait to see this game in 4k on the Xbox x. Remember guys resolution is what really matters lol, and here we got crap hyping up a game before dirt was invented.

  9. Got KOTOR, Ninja gaiden black & Crimson Skies this week and it's honestly been a blast replaying these classics! Who would of thought having these options would be so good. Assassins creed origins ready to start after midnight tonight. That's the beauty of this!, on the one hand I'm playing games I loved 15 years ago and also get to play the latest games as well. In a fortnight ill be playing all games at an improved frame rate and resolution. Xbox is the best box end of discussion. It's got the power it's got the games! Next year it will have the best exclusives as well. Best time to be an xbox fan.

  10. I thought alone time exclusives didn't matter, and yet here you are reviewing this game while the fanboys eat it up. Oh I get it, alone time exclusives only matter when they are not new or on PS4. Pathetic review, pathetic man and pathetic console.

  11. Can't wait to try original Xbox titles on XB1X… Happy memories… If PlayStation had this feature for ps1/2 I'd buy ps4 in a heartbeat… Without streaming bs nonsense.. But then, you can dream…

  12. Is this game too demanding for my PS4 Pro? I have so many frame rate problems when I play Puyo Puyo Tetris on it. I can't want to trade it in asap.

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