This is the opening animation for the PlayStation Portable jRPG (Japanese Role-Playing Game) Summon Night 5, which will be released in English in 2015.


  1. I actually cannot wait for this. I was pretty bummed after Tears Crown didn't get translated and nor did Summon Night 4/3 etc and instead I had to read the Japanese and try to get by with my own understanding D: So I am so damn hyped!!

  2. I no longer own a psp (Mine conked out) But the fact that you guys are doing this is phenomenal!, Might just buy the psp physical version so i can add another game to replenish my collection and a new game to play on my vita too boot!, hope you guys localize more psp games that never got localized like Sakura Taisen Psp, Valkyrie Chronicles 3 and so on. The fact that this game is owned by Bamco gives me hope that we'll get more great games from you all.

  3. Victor Ireland has an eye for great games; I played Albert Odyssey recently and it was fantastic, and Growlanser Generations was what got me into the series.

    Here's hoping we see more localizations of forgotten games like this from Gaijinworks! Potential Ideas: Labyrinth no Kanata, Item Getter, Luminous Arc 3, Super Robot Taisen OG Saga EXCEED, Frontier Gate, Last Ranker, Growlanser 1 (PSP), Sol Trigger, Shining Ark, and Black Wolves Saga.

  4. I cant wait to summon night 5 and class of heroes 3 release in english etc…I still have psp,I supporting you,gaijinworks 🙂 Please release the both game soon (^^)/

  5. Please translate Dragon Shadow Spell. This game can really help you become more popular.

    The game is one of the best in the PS2. Never been translated but has one hell of a story.

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