The Brotherhood of Gaming William Morris & Clayton Arnold REVIEW The new Tales of Zestiria Game as part of the Tales of Retrospective of Bandai Namco’s …


  1. You guys are the best! Gunna continue watching this awsome and hilarious channel love the way you guys organize your reviews keep it up! And please do atales of bersaria review soon please youd rock it

  2. I will eternally be upset by the loss of Cless' character structure. He was a good hero but also very hot headed and rushed into things without ever thinking. Something that Mint and Klarth call him on several times.

  3. This is the absolute best review I have ever seen for this game as so many people are bashing it while I personally love this and view it as one of my top Tales games. Keep up the quality videos guys!

  4. I can't believe this review.
    Not only do you skim over the finer details of combat, barely explaining how it's different from Graces, you also emphasize the flaws of the skill system for far too long.
    The camera being an absolute travesty, the severe lack of arte diversity, the awkward hitboxes and painful-to-use animations for most characters not named Sorey, the broken and imbalanced Armatus system which accentuates the lack of artes, the unreliability of artes like Arrow Squall, the TERRIBLE AI that dies to Normal and Easy monsters when left to its own devices, the forced party configuration, the wasted potential in Alisha, the rarely-working rock-paper-scissors effect between arte types, the seemingly random enemy invulnerability, the way enemies ignore their weaknesses whenever they attack, and the harder difficulties needlessly reducing EXP gain all deserve your consideration as flaws in game design as well as the grindy, obtuse skill system.
    You also praised the graphical capabilities of the game solely on its vast, open plains, but you didn't mention that the vast, open plains serve no purpose from a gameplay perspective, as they're largely featureless, with nothing to find in them. You also didn't point out that the battle graphics are terrible (just look at Vengeant Fangs versus Graces' version), the animations are janky and have no weight or visceral nature to them, and the game is locked at 30 FPS, which reduces input fidelity, reduces conveyance to the player, and makes your reflexes less effective, which are ALL death sentences in a fast-paced battle system.
    I find it petulant that you dismissed a large amount of criticism toward the game just because many people focus on what happened to Alisha. I don't care about how they marketed the game, but I think cutting out a completely designed and usable character (far more fun to use than the unreliable Rose) is just a huge disappointment.
    Also, your explanation of the story was simplistic, but the story IS indeed simplistic. It's single-minded and blind. Then again, when you render most of your characters totally invisible to others and pretty much totally slaves to the main character, it's hard to have a complex story.
    Sorey has no character, and is taught to blindly believe in himself, because doubting or feeling guilt leads to impure malevolence. So, go ahead, kill those abused children, because the only way to end suffering is to die. Humans who become Hellions still retain their identities and sapience, although in a state warped by their emotions, but Sorey's goal is to eradicate them, through and through. Sorey doesn't give a shit about anyone, even though he wants to inexplicably "make being evil okay" for one person. The nature of malevolence makes the story one-sided. By its logic, most Tales villains would be completely pure beings, because they do evil things that they fully believe in. Hell, even Rose can murder innocent people, but so long as she believes in it, she's perfectly okay, and the entire main cast will have a skit splurging about how nice and caring she is afterward.
    The remainder of the cast is designed haphazardly and placed in the story just as poorly. Most of them are inconsequential except as tools to Sorey's final goal, even with their complex backstories and quirky personalities. None of their actions mean anything except to guide Sorey on his quest and tp protect Sorey from malevolence.
    I think this game completely fails to understand what makes a Tales game entertaining in every way, and I give it a decent score of 6/10. To the Tales fan, it's worthless, but to a general purveyor of action RPGs, it's playable. Berseria is a small step up, and its story, which was meant to be a companion to Zestiria's story, completely STOMPS Zestiria's story instead of complimenting it. I only hope they stop reusing assets like making Bubble Arrow four times bigger and calling it Blessed Drops.

  5. Good review. I don't know how but this game is somewhat appealing to me and i say that because everywhere these characters went, there weren't many creatures to fight. There was a lot of empty lands without a lot of other characters or enemies around, yet i'm intrigued or even interested in buying this game??!

  6. im so glad i found your channel. Amazing review, amazing personalities and amazing visuals. the comedy is welcomed. it is nice to find guys like you to truly review games. i will be watching all your videos. 🙂

  7. This game is selling well again by the way because of the anime "Tales of Zestiria the X" which is so popular in Japan. There are so many posters in Akihabara along with the "Tales of the Rays" coming to mobile on January.

  8. Nice legit and a fair review. The game is great and really enjoyable except the battle camera and the fusion thing. Some random people making reviews only hated the battle camera and are now calling the game complete sh!t while not reviewing the other stuffs. Watching reviews like that is really annoying and I'm giving them instant "dislikes". Well no matter how many hate reviews they will make, they won't change the fact that this game have a very great positive reviews in Japan.

  9. really well made review, good review voice its very clear and delivers a good and thrustworthy rev. 😀 , just wanted to say not being an ass i just had alittle problem watching the beard hehe im not sure if i envy or dislike haha 😀 , well keep it up and i have subbed you guys!

  10. Short review? You've given more detail than most "professional" reviews. Look forward to watching your other videos once I get a few hours of Zestiria in that I just purchased!

  11. Great review guys! Makes me want the game even more than before but no job 🙁 Anyway this game does get a lot of hate but this video really helped me not get swayed by others opinions (since I'm easily swayed by them)

  12. Thanks for the review. It helped me decide whether or not I wanted to get Tales of Zestiria now or later. I'm a long time fan of the Tales of series. My first being Tales of Symphonia back when I had a GameCube. I really enjoyed your video and subbed for more. Happy gaming. 🙂

  13. UGGH….I WAS REALLY LOVING THIS GAME UNTIL I GOT TO THAT FINAL BOSS, I love this game but that final boss is literally the most POORLY designed boss in the ENTIRE franchise, and they need to fix that piece of shit camera.

  14. disagree with the good graphics part as the ps4 version isn't any better, seriously have you seen some of the textures some of it looks blocky, bad frame rate forgettable story and though it does have a lot of fields there mostly filled with enemies and bland dungeons that all look the same, cant switch field characters and post combat dialogue good be better, there are times where it seems they stop right in the middle of conversation. It seems to be that the combat system isn't as smooth as the previous games and also games can be good and look good like the metal gear solid franchise, tombraider and uncharted franchises overall I'd give it 65-70 so below average

  15. All the videos I see of this game everyone wants to highlight the vast open world…and the running, running, running…

    Are there mounts or vehicles that no one is wanting spoil? Or are you stuck on foot and using the warp points for the entire game?

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