We explore the best Elder Scrolls Skyrim mods on the playstation 4 and Xbox one that are sure to expand your gameplay, add elemental abilities, enhance your …


  1. Guys and Gals why argue? If you want to feel sorry for anyone it should be switch users as they get no mods. My friend beat switch version as his sneak could walk past a dangr! Now that's messed up! As for walking, I do it all the time in games like these. I don't fast travel ever as I find A LOT of cool stuff that you wouldn't just doing markers. I am 51 so I am use to old school ways 😉 I found a alter with strange ritual sex gone wrong and made a video of it. I find all sorts of cool stuff my subs ask how I find them and I say just exploring 😉 Awesome vid and I play on ps4 🙂

  2. The lost rings of Skyrim is really good, I can give you a ring that makes you have a electrical storm that deals I think 500 damage a second but costs 170 magicka, luckily you get over 100,000 health, magicka, and stamina. It can also give you a summon horse shout and is kinda overpowered now that I’m saying it out loud

  3. The "Conan" mode? I installed it one night and deleted it the next. It stated 3-4 hours of gameplay and I finished it, while taking my time, in 45 minutes. Some of the armor and clothing is very cool but I didn't feel it was worth the 400-500 Megs (I can't remember exactly but somewhere in there). Just my two pennies.

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