Sony’s first console exploded on to the scene in the mid 90s and successfully solidified the brand as a household name. Here are our top picks for the best …


  1. Tekken 3? J&L Stock Car Racing? Test drive 6? NFS Hot Pursuit? WE 2001? NHL 2001?
    Aladdin Nasira's revenge? Dave Mirra BMX? Army Men? Pureride? Medal of Honor? Actiom Man Destruction X? Metal Slug? Bugs Bunny & Taz Time Busters? Atlantis?

  2. I had a Dreamcast and still do and the most realistic game on there is Fighting Force 2, it seemed to be just like metal gear and out about the same time.

  3. I always considered the 1992 Alone In The Dark the game that started the survival horror genre and not Resident Evil.
    Great list with even greater memories

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