Tiny Hands Adventure – Join young and cute t-rex Borti on his quest to find better arms in this addictive platformer game! Get it on Steam: …


  1. Character design and color schemes (except some of the shown levels which look good) are physically painful to look at. Do you have a concept artist or you just randomly mix colors together without having any knowledge on color theory and about how things work. I'm not prejudiced but this is the worst character design I've ever seen in any game.

  2. Looks interesting. Some of the platforming looks questionable in my opinion-I think it'd be better to experience-but I get a Crash Bandicoot vibe when viewing the trailer. The music is also reminiscent of your Go All Out!, which I can't really complain about. Wishing you luck as always.

    -Naith Ungoal, The Spearpoint Spider

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