Check out this TOP 10 of the Best Shooter Games you can play on your Playstation Portable or using PPSSPP emulator.


  1. Man, if only the psp had dual analog. Would have been a monster of a system. The vita was great but came out at a bad time and was too costly. The psp would have been legendary if it had another stick

  2. this video shows why 1 analog stick sucks for these games.. thats why i never played them on the psp.. im so glad the Vita fixed this prob with the 2nd stick, and we can play these games on there.

  3. Recently fixed my White psp I got in High School, bouta hack it again. I realized every app in the play store and apple store is just a watered down psp or ds game.

  4. PSP is a very god console I know its old but I still play it today. The games on it are not like watch this video and get 100 coins no. These are real games for fun.

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