Top 10 Best PS Vita Games! Subscribe: LINKS TO BUY THE GAMES BELOW!!! These are the best, most fun, amazingly entertaining …


  1. I first asked myself why the Vita had such a bad end, then I saw this list of the “top games” it had, which half of it were visual novels. Then I realized the sad truth… because it was damn lame son.

  2. Killzone: Mercenary was one of my all-time favs. Used to enjoy mowing players down with a silent rifle and shotgun as stonefox21…good times :^)

  3. gravity rush at number 4? you fucked up Gravity Rush is the only game on vita that was worth a damn. P4 Golden was a ps2 title if i remember correctly

  4. PSVITA IS going to be the best handle console in the world best graphics best quality and best games, I hope the psvita keeps going doing a such nice job doing this amazing games. Because I love psvita🤤❤️

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