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  1. I liked the video however i always hated chrono cross manly do to it's crap leveling system.
    What's that you want to level some more so you can beat the next boss oh that is easy just beat the next boss…….???

  2. I really don't understand how pleople like RPG's like FF8 with so long dialogues. I prefer RPG's, real time or turn based, with more action and less talk.

  3. so glad you put in the first two suikoden games, i dont care for the other suikodens.
    i respect your opinion, personally i think suikoden 2 should have been number 1
    that game is a masterpiece of art and story

  4. Your list was awesome. I loved that FF7 WAS not on it, not because it was not a good game (not the best, but clearly amazing) but rather because you allow room for other games to breathe and shine.

  5. Suikoden 2 and Xenogears are my favorite PS1 rpg's. Fucking amazing stories that are mature and brutal. I think out of all the ps1 rpg's I've seen, Suikoden 2 holds out the best graphically speaking (& gameplay of course)

  6. great list, too bad FF7 wasnt in it…
    btw: what kind of pc do you have, since these images look like an emulation, and it looks great, could you tell me your specs?

  7. Although I'd quibble over placement, I agree with the contents of most of this list. I haven't played Kartia, so that one's out, and I wouldn't consider either Final Fantasy 9 or Suikoden to be top ten material. Other than that, we have rather similar opinions. I'd replace those three with Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy Tactics and Legend of Mana, personally.

  8. Wahoo! Happy to see entries from the Suikoden series on here! I love that series! Only one from the main series I haven't had the chance to play is the second one. And FF9 is the first Final Fantasy I ever played! Chrono Cross is my absolute favorite game of all time, so I'm happy to see it get first place!

  9. Interesting list. Hardly see anyone mentioning Kartia. It is one of the games that flew under my radar at the time but I have since got it for a reasonable price on amazon. I need to pop it in and play it. Love the Amano artwork.

  10. omg! please listen to the song at minute 1:48 and compare that song with the "Attack on Titan"-Opening! the beginning sounds almost similar! O.O 😀 XD

  11. Chrono cross was awesome. I was young and didn't end up beating it but I remember my brother reading the strategy guide to me to know how to get characters. Not a big fan of RPGs but the two I played way back was chrono cross and legend of dragoon. These two games should get remade or hd remasters I vote for remake though with some voice acting.

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