In this video, we take a look at the Top 10 Essential PS4 Games. Do you agree with my list of the Top 10 Essential PS4 Games? Do you disagree with my list of …


  1. Only games I had was witcher which I traded after beating it. Traded for Last of Us, which I'm trading today for Doom. All these other games I don't care about at all.

  2. For the most part I agree but Infamous: Second Son does not belong on this list. It was mediocre at best and did not live up to its predecessors at all. Hell First Light deserves more recognition and praise than SS does.

  3. Released

    1- The witcher 3
    2- MGS 5
    3- Bloodborne
    4- Fallout 4
    5- Last of Us
    6- GTA 5
    7- Shadow of Mordor
    8- call of duty black ops 3
    9- Batman Arkham Knight
    10- Resident Evil Origins

  4. I recently got alien isolation star wars battlefront dark souls 2 dying light elder scrolls online gtav5 and bloodborne. Personally (opinion). There all great game. Elder scrolls online was the only game I was disappointed with

  5. 1st The last of us remastered
    2nd uncharted 4 a thief's end
    3rd GTA 5
    4th Metal gear solid 5
    5th fallout 4
    6th infamous second son plus first light
    7th Assassins creed black flag
    8th battlefield 4
    9th call of duty advanced warfare
    10th watch dogs
    These are the best games for ps4 add the uncharted Nathan drake collection as a nice bonus to uncharted 4 and this list is perfect wait a little longer to get destiny they still aren't done adding all their dlc's and cool new features you don't need to get it now

  6. Disagree with:

    – Destiny ( Terrible repetitive game )

    – Batman Arkham Knight ( Worst in the franchise )

    – Metal Gear Solid V ( Another terrible repetitive game )

    Also The Last of Us is much better then Infamous Second Son. Should be in the top 3.

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