Maybe if these sports existed in real life, we’d spend a lot less time with gaming controllers and more time outdoors. Join as we …


  1. If Mario Strikers qualified for this list as an honorable mention, then the arcade game Pigskin and the forgotten sports gaming gem Mutant League Football should have made the list. (I wish EA would bring back MLF)

  2. Rocket League, most original idea for a sport? I'm pretty sure the game Re-Volt did the RC-car soccer thing way before there was this game.

  3. I wasn't all for Grifball, but when I heard it was also for Grif haters, I signed up at once!
    …Wait, you're telling me it's not real? How about a round of Blitzball then? That's not real either?
    …Fine… you win….

  4. It's called "Football" not "Soccer"!!!
    What YOU Americans call Football is just a barbaric, nonsensical mess of a sport, that should be forbidden.

  5. I'm pretty sure that the Rocket cars football is based in a robotics competition where a team must build a robot team capable of playing soccer against other robot teams. The RoboCup. They were wheeled before, but it seems new editions have humanoid walking robots.

  6. How would driving around in derby cars hitting a ball actually be fun in real life? Speaking of, is this supposed to be a list of sports that would be fun to exist for real or a list of fun sports to play in a video game? If it's the latter, fine, number 1 can stay there. If it's the former, most people who play pokemon would probably say they'd love to have actual pokemon and battle with them. I personally would love it if blitzball existed. The concept of it is one of the more original sports in video games imo and if you could hold your breath that long and move that well in water I think it'd be a lot of fun.

  7. Rocket league is not original, the concept was taken from "road trip adventure" on ps2, the football mini game was a exactly as rocket league is today, just less complete and less known about, but all in all still a copy and it should have been mentioned

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