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  1. watchmojo is on crack, theres no way in fuck that cod beats halo in anything fps related. Plus, Halo 2 so did not have the weakest story. that goes to the pile of shit that is halo 5

  2. what is you guys problem with the mobile platform? there are amazing games created there….out of the hundreds of top tens you guys so…..i donno….

  3. i feel like this list is the most influential fps games of all time instead of best game i would say halo 3 was better then 2 quake 3 was also better then 2 from a gameplay perspective and i would say golden eye is definitely not good by today standards where a game like quake 3 stil holds up

  4. When i was a kid, there was a cool FPS which i don't remember its name. You had small squad and you could switch between them. If you died, you automaticaly switched to the next person in a squad. It was setted in Sci-Fi, similar to "Halo" but people were in similar suits to "Starcraft" marines. Oh boy it was fun… but i don't remember its name… i didn't even passed 1st level because i didn't knew how to play that game (Nearly every person in a squad died because i didn't even try to cover) but still… it was fun. Please if somebody knows which game i am talking about, tell me its name.

  5. Why halo 2 that should be halo 3 as it capped the bungie trilogy and even with the best multiplayer and even the sad death of Sgt. Johnson
    In my opinion halo 2 is the worst halo game because it's campaign sucked and really it was an updated halo cue and it was super hard. I still haven't beaten Cairo station, it's so bad

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