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  1. hey nice list… can you tell me which games my laptop can play? I got Intel i5-4210U @ 1.70GHz with 4 GB RAM…. Intel Onboard graphics 128 MB Dedicated and 3 GB Total Memory. Pixel Shader & Vertex Shader Version 5. I can play Skyrim at Medium settings and Dishonoured.

  2. I can't download the game, it asked me to register on a web, can you tell me the detail? Or show me how to, please. I have changed my IP already, and there were three buttons, Direct Link & Download Now lead me to anther wesite and asked for register, and Torrent File didn't nothing. I was trying to download Battlefield:BC .

  3. Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. Please contact administrator for more information.

    it is showing this

  4. yes mo10 that's the thing. it was very helpful for me. Make some good videos on your channel and a day comes when there will be millons of subscribers on ur channel………….,,,,

  5. i have a laptop , 4GB ram , processeur : intel celeron 847@ 1,1 ghz , graphic card : intel hd
    he's like a shit !!
    and no one of these game works "ok" on him
    and black ops is not for low pc damn it !! she doesn't even work "ok" with low graphic setting !!

  6. Ahhhh Ummm I Played Some Games Already In This Video That You Show But 2 Or 3 Games I Didn't Play Like Bulletstrom Battlefield Bc 1 And Sniper Gw1 So Thanks For Telling And Showing These Games

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