There’s no such thing as a free lunch, but there is such a thing as a free game. We’re only focusing on PC games, so apologies if you were expecting a smart …


  1. Dota 2 is better than league, for one, league is a pure rip off of DOTA 2 easy mode, and DOTA internationals (the biggest tournament of the year for DOTA) has prize pools of over 20 million dollars, and leage has just over 5 million

  2. Gaijin has some good free2play games. Also next time put in war thunder. World of tank may be cool, but the community is kinda brutal.

  3. i like how many people say league of legends is the worst game in the gaming universe
    1 you are 11
    2 you didnt even play it once
    3 it got like 70 million players a month

  4. WHAT THE FUCK MATE?LOL IS FIRST?Man do you know that dota is the most played game on steam (sadly tf2 was the most played but overwatch came out) dota has badass looking characters very good graphics and is the best MOBA game.
    For the lol fans.Look i dont say that league of legends is not good or it doesnt have badass characters and is not with good graphics i just say my fucked up opinion on this list.I say that league of legends cant be on 1st spot.
    Well the game can be second or thirtd because hearthstone beats them all.
    Look look i know that there is another list of free to play game of i say that hearthstone had to be 1st on that list not the other.
    If you say some gay ass shit about me.You are just wasting time on this because i dont fucking care what you say because thats my opinion not yours.Oh and i would appreciate if you do your own opinion on this list.

  5. How the fuck is path of exile just rank 7? You dont get any advantages from paying money. you can only buy stash tabs which you dont need that many of. It has one of the greatest supports ever and gets new content every months. its BY FAR the best arpg and its for free unlike diabolo series

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