In this list of the Free To Play Shooting Games, TGN Partner Dean takes a look at 10 of the best free to play shooting games in the industry. Agree? Disagree?


  1. I dont like Planetside 2. Because It's too fucking Pay2Win, to get a new weapon it will take ages to grind those stupid "Certifications", Second because the game if fucking poorly optimised, even on lowest graphics it lags like hell, like you need a high-end super-duper computer to run this shit. I don't know how people enjoy the game, problaty Wallet warriors does.

  2. i was surprised/happy to see planetside 2 in the #1 spot. I'm am max level in it have been playing everyday for over a year (no joke) i strongly recommend.

  3. Warframe is by far the best f2p shooter out there in my opinion. In fact, I had more fun with Warframe than with any other shooter… paid or f2p!

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