These are the top 10 upcoming JRPG(Japanese Roleplaying Game) for various platforms coming out in 2015 and beyond. Thanks for watching and share your …


  1. I playd most fire emblem games and IF was by far the most expensive and dissapointing they took tactical seriousness and turn it into waifu bait and numend down the difficulty to todler lvls even on hard, completely agree with the rest of the list though

  2. anyone recommend good JRPGs? preferable not turn-based, works on windows XP and moderately new like released in 2008-2012, not even gonna add 2015-16 since i'm pretty sure no games released in those year will even still support windows XP

    i haven't really played much Japanese made RPGs, Dark Souls and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance are pretty much the only JRPGs i've played

  3. Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy 15 is my most anticipated games in general behind No Man's Sky. 2016 might be Japans year when it comes to their style of games besides Mario and etc.

  4. Eeesh! Ys by Nihon Falcom, seems light-years behind everyone else, and I was a huge fan of the series back on PC-Engine. Just doesn't seem up to par with anything else shown here–it looks like PS2 quality :/

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