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  1. I'm surprised there's no mention of Dead Space Extraction. Fuck, I'm surprised it's not number one.

    It's lenghty, the characters are great, the story is great, the gameplay is fun as fuck (you need to turn of camera shake, but otherwise) it's a fantastic adaptation of the Dead Space experience, it's far above any other light gun games. There's so many great moments in it. Like being forced to use the melee gesture to cut off your own hand at one point… It went above and beyond.

  2. Have u any infos about a game i played back in these days? It was an alien game based in an big city where u hold a huge gun in real and fought those alien bastards 😀 (Rail Up / Light Gun)

  3. I was 3 in Japan my mom play The Lost World me i was on outside,i was scared the sound loud and scary dinos,now i am 11 in philippines i play THOTD,TC5 in SM Clark,I finished TC4 and TC2

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