Swords, horses, shields, magic, and general medieval fantasy stuff make up our Medieval Games of 2016 list. What say you? Subscribe for more: …


  1. Sooooo question…. I've basically played Skyrim until I honestly can't play it any longer I'm really looking for something new. Does anyone possibly know of a game that is sort of a fantasy Style and has a really cool character creation section and intriguing gameplay maybe something along the lines of Skyrim but different I'm definitely ready for a change for a oil while at least.

  2. One question, Why does every writer/developer have this need to add mythical creatures in every genre? I would really like someone to answer this because most successful studios focus on releasing realistic games.

  3. I do not want to be boring but, dude, only two games on this list are truly medieval, which are The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine (albeit has some rpg aspects) and Bannerlord (that has not yet released and is TRULY AND REALLY medieval). All the other eight games are fantasy rpg. Sorry, because there have been less medieval games this year but seriously, most games are RPGs! As I said once, I say again that I do not want to be boring, but it's true. Sorry guys 🙁

  4. hey gameranx make sure you put bannerlord on the top 10 medieval games of 2017. I would love to see you show the same game 3 times throughout these lists.

    thank you

  5. mount and blade bannerlord at number 7 the fuck yet skyrim remastered crappy edition got higher i mean all i do to get the remastred is install mods on my pc done

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