10 of the best action adventure games of 2015 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and more. What are you playing/looking forward to? Let’s talk about it in the comments!


  1. For some reason I hate bloodborne but I love syndicate and Lara croft just because it has a great storyline but I think bloodborne doesn't even have a good one,it's the same with witcher 3 it's really good but dragged out.

  2. Dying Light is complete garbage because it's not in 3rd person like Zombie games are supposed to be. Not in first person then it's shit.

    Lego games are idiotic due to giving tasks that have to be looked up outside the game in order to know how to do what it's asking. If you have to leave a game to find out how to do what's in the game then it's shit. Games are supposed to be played, not a product to learn how to play them because of lazy development

    Just Cause 3 was good up until the added that Denuvo bullshit, once Denuvo was added, it turned off more gamers than a transvestite stripper with leprosy in a straight bar.

    Rise of the Tomb Raider should have been called RISE OF THE WALLET RAIDER (Extra fuck you edition) Who would pay for this shit in the condition it's in when you can just go back and play tomb raider definitive edition from 2013 without all the added bullshit.

    Metal Gear series is about as washed out and used up as the Call of Battlefield (Recycled edition) games.

  3. DYING LIGHT lied to us ! It shows us co-op with what seems to be customisable caracters and shit with sweet clothing but in the actuale game all you can do is change cloth in a very limmited way , also your caracters is the same no matter what . And to that i say Fuck you .

  4. for me metal gear solid was not a good game, there are a lot of filler mission (not talking about the secondary missions) the whole game could have been done with like 7 or 8 missions, i felt kinda empty, with the feeling that i wasnt doing any progress

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