Spine-chilling horrors await in some of the greatest, most terrifying new horror games of 2016. Here’s what’s in store for your PS4, Xbox One & PC. Subscribe for …


  1. in layers of fear for some reason i wasnt scared at all. i mean they didnt give me a reason to care about my character. they essentially made him into such a sad story that i felt the character should just walk up to his ghosts and let them eat him

  2. I loved The first Outlast, definitely getting the second hopefully will be as good or better.. I wish it was multiplayer too it would be really fun playing it with a friend

  3. Dear Gameranx Crew,
    suggestion: please create a video with Top 10 old games that really deserve a Remastered Ultra HD Edition
    07 – Enemy Infestation (1998) (Microprose)
    08 – Seven Cities of Gold (1993)
    09 – Menzoberranzan (PPG)
    10 – Pool of Radiance (RPG)

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