Action games could be anything from fast-paced hack & slashes to exploratory 3rd-person shooters but either way they always pack a punch. Well, it’s about time …


  1. i would say that melee combat is more interesting due to the fact that i love games like Dragon Nest and Blade and Soul, i feel that the fast paced hack and slashes feel revolutionary compared to CS:GO which has been using the same formula for years now, hack and slashes evolve with new features such as, aerial control over characters, blinking in front of enemies,pulling enemies while in the air or on the ground, the possibilities are endless!

  2. Hey Zakh! I just discovered your channel because of your Caesar III videos and I loved them!
    I would really like to see you playing Commandos, and old game I used to play more than 10 years ago but couldn'f finninsh, just like Caesar III, LoL

  3. I'm a Devil May Cry fan, so I am more of both worlds – interested in both melee and shooting. Well, maybe shooting taking more of a supporting kind of role to the crazy melee combos.

  4. For every clever person, i need help i have the beta or alpha version of umbra, but i cant play it, every time i open it, it crashes.. (i have windows 10)

  5. I prefer both a shooter and melee types for combat, probably melee a little bit more, but both are interesting and have their mechanics in each of their respectable games. In real life though, hand to hand/ melee – 8 out of 10 times.

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