In this video, we take a look at the 10 best RPG’s of 2015 so far on all platforms. Do you agree with my list of the top 10 RPG’s of 2015 So Far? Do you disagree …


  1. hell I don't consider games like final Fantasy to be rpgs, let alone the witcher series. you're clearly either an emo blonde kid with a buster sword or a silver haired white guy with a generic ass scar. we throw around the term rpg alot to the point some of us literally can't find the rpg game we're looking for without falling back to bethesda n bioware games for a true role playing experience. I'm not counting fallout 4, or mass effect series. they ain't rpgs. they're casual action games trying to be rpgs. I love mass effect but it ain't the same as oblivion or morrowind n fallout 2 in terms losing yourself in a world, n not be called a generic ass name like shepard or forced to play someone else's story.

    I have yet to find anything besides bethesda or old bioware games that resembles a modern but good rpg.

  2. Just my two cents but witcher 3 has great graphics, story, However that to me is how far it goes. The limited customization of armor and armor parts. I like to mix and match armor trying different combos. Combat is by far the worst. Blocking is just hold button instead of a directional style blocking mechanic. Aside from that i have no real complains with the game. Does it get game of the year ? Yes, yes it does. Fallout 4 is not an RPG not any more. It tried to do to many things and fail on all parts and feel unfinished and rushed.

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