Ranking of the top 10 Single Player PC Games released in 2014. And what a year it was: Tons of disappointments and a healthy amount of good games as well.


  1. A game like Divinity: Original sin requires a pretty substantial time investment. To anyone who's played both Divinity and Pillars of Eternity, which would you recommend if you could only play one or the other but not both?

  2. I am a member of steam,origin etc, I noticed that even after purchasing games, i had too be online too play most of them..
    "even single player games like red faction guerilla and armaggedon"

    And i was told today that pc games are almost impossible too buy in scotland, seeing as downloads are all the rage,"but why pay online for a game that you can't actually play after you bought it without being monitored online?


    (If they want too make more money all they have too do is provide the full download with backups too be played offline from your hard drive- without needing permission from big brother too play "GAMES YOU BLOODY PAID GOOD MONEY FOR AND OWN OUTRIGHT!"

    I certainly hope that this is false, because if i can't buy my games from the same shop as xbox and ps4 do, and get them single player, im afraid its a waste of money…"1000 pounds for a laptop and a game you cant play on your own?"
    … or 300 pounds for an xbox one with games you can buy and "ACT LIKE YOU DONE JUST THAT! BOUGHT IT!"
    (please tell me im wrong or they are going too rethink the future of pc games, because i like being able too take my laptop or tablet with me, and play the games on trains etc, without this possibility…"LAPTOPS ARE POINTLESS"..AND DESKTOPS AND MOBILES WILL TAKE OVER AS NON-PORTABLE GAMING FOR DESKTOP, AND SHIT MINI GAMING ON IPHONES ETC…hope you all see what i mean.
    I literally want an xbox one on my laptop with games i can play when i please..because i want too!, and "I OWN THEM!"

    (and all gamers want too…even if they don't know it yet, as now you can map controls for most pc games and more pc games are becoming controller applicable, this should always be an option as some people just want a portable xbox one, not a keyboard, as most games are incompatible or too difficult too play with a keyboard for the majority, so the majority wants games like xbox games with controller pads and not some frustrating six week lesson on how too fly a ship in a game that would normally take 10 minutes too get a grip of on an xbox controller!!!
    (most pro gamers dont even want too put that much of a gaming experience into advanced controls, unless its games like command and conquer, and i still prefer the controller for those games, the radial dial is so much easier on xbox than pc.

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